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Current Residence: Iowa, United States
Favourite genre of music: Dubstep, Dancestep, Electronic, Rock, Metal, Classical, Video Game
Favorite Quote: "Sometimes isolation is a good thing. It can lead to... important discoveries." - Agent Nein

"My family has this problem with water. It's a bunch a hooey anyway. Some old gypsy curse about how we're all supposed to die in water... if you can believe that..." - Razputin Aquato

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  • Mood: Uneasy
  • Listening to: Spooky Scary Skeletons - The Living Tombstone
  • Reading: Other people's competent FAQ's....
  • Watching: Steven Universe
  • Playing: Ponyvania
....Vicky's not helpful at all Shimeji FAQ :iconlazysulkplz:

Since my recent release of my long-term project was uploaded, aka my Ghirahim Shimeji, Ghirahim Shimeji -DOWNLOAD- by VickyViolet I have run into an unforeseen problem. You guys are coming to me with your questions if the program isn't working for you, (which I totally said you can do), but the truth is I don't know the answers. I'll provide you guys here with basic questions to fill the space, but I encourage you not to give up and simply consult another Shimeji artist who knows what they are doing.

All the questions I am listing I just ripped from another artist, whose FAQ can be found here:  Shimeji FAQ:new: REMOVED THE < small >. SO YOUR PRETTY EYES WON'T MISS SOMETHING. AND BOLDED~! 8D
Q: What is Shimeji?
A: Shimeji is a program for windows 2000 and vista, that is basically like your average desktop sitter, or that old purple monkey from the older version's if windows, minus the whole "Rogue adware" thing. They come in all sorts of skin's, its most commonly japanese skins, but recently boards like 4chan have found it, and began crafting skins for it. It's same as BONZIBuddy or sheep.exe, except it's customisable; yes, you can download packs that allow for your favourite characters to walk/climb/be generally cute on your screen.
Q: Why is it called Shimeji?
A: It references to a japanese mushroom, saying like they duplicate like japanese mushrooms.
Q:What do they do?
A: Once you run the program, a icon wil
 I just copied and pasted most of them and edited some questions slightly to my preference. If you feel I still missed something, go on over to that FAQ^.

If you happen to find the answer to your question and your problem is resolved, it would be super special awesome if you left a comment either here on the journal, on my shimeji, or note me :note: with how you got it resolved. Thank you guys so much! You're all wonderful.


:star: SHIMEJI FAQ :star:


Q: What is Shimeji?
Shimeji is a program for windows 2000 and vista, that is basically a desktop mascot. It is a cute, chibi, desktop buddy that walks around your computer screen, climbs the walls and ceiling, clones itself, and causes havoc. They are created by many different artists and animators, and you can probably find one in your favorite character!

Q: Why is it called Shimeji?
It references to a japanese mushroom, saying like they duplicate like japanese mushrooms.

Q: What do they do?
Once you run the program, an icon will appear on your toolbar, different icon's for different skins, usually. As they fall from the top of your screen, they will usually stand up and walk around a bit. For a minute or two they may stand still for a second to call upon coding, then they will wander around your desktop, sometimes sitting down to relax, or climbing along your monitor sides. Pull them to the point where you can throw it offscreen. (There is a function to make it return to desktop though.) They can also duplicate themselves freely, but you can just use another function to remove all but one. And no, as far as I know there isn't a way to stop them from duplicating, unless you edit the code.

Q: How do I clone him manually?
Right click him and click Another One. | Click his icon in the corner repeatedly! | Right click him and go to behaviors and select either PullUpShimeji or SplitIntoTwo.

Q: There's too many on screen at once! What do?
Right click one of the tiny terrors or right click his icon; select Reduce To One.


Q: Will it work on Window (XP,7,Vista, etc.)

Yes, the desktop buddy is only scripted for ALL Windows. 

Q: My buddy threw my Window away and I can’t retrieve them! Help?!
To retrieve your window back. Go to your task bar and Right Click the icon. Once you have down that, click the 4th option. (Restore IE) Your window will be back to normal.

Q: My buddy just sits around & doesn't do anything.. Is it normal?
Yes it is normal. It’s randomly scripted that way.. You CAN throw them around the desktop. They randomly do whatever they want. 

Q: How come my buddy doesn't throw any windows?
This can only happen if your internet window is minimized. He may do this on his own, or you can go to Behaviors and force him to do it. (Just to Restore IE all over again!)

Q: Can I have 2 or more different characters at the same time?
Your computer's the limit, baby.

Q: It doesn’t work, help?  
If it doesn’t work, you might click the wrong app? Because there is 2 different types.  It either has  Shimeji  or  ClickMe.   If it does have a ‘ClickMe’ please do so to click that. If not, click Shimeji.exe.    

Also if you didn’t extract it, then it won’t work properly. Please extract the file on to you’re destination folder. If you already extracted it, please reconsider to reinstall it.

Other solution; You don’t have the latest Java.. Make sure you download the latest Java go here:…

Q: “So I extracted the folder to the desktop. Clicked on Shimeji there’s a Japanese error? Then I click on ClickMe there are two folders that appear com and META-INF. What should I do? “
Well basically all you have to do is uninstall Winrar.. try using other version of Winrar.. I heard the free trial winrar is messing around with the ClickMe file.
If the ClickMe file does have a 3 folder books icon.. Then you just need to uninstall it. :] not that hard.

Q: How do you reinstall (remove file)?
Make sure you exit out the app. To exit, go to your task bar and find the icon(random icons). Right click the icon and click the 5th option (last option). Once you finished, you can delete the files (folder) and try reinstall it again in the tutorial.

Q: How do you remove/close the buddy completely?
To exit, go to your taskbar and find the icon(random icons). Right click the icon and click the 5th option (Bye Everyone!)

Q: How do you delete multi characters/clones?
If the characters multiply rapidly, it’s best to Right Click on the task bar and Click the 3rd option. (Reduce to One)

Q: I can’t open .RAR file?!
You need to install Winrar or in order to open a .rar file.

Q: Does it lag your computer?
It depends. We had 1 report that said it lags. It doesn’t usually lag.. Many had multiple on screen and doesn’t lag.  It depends how many memory space you have in your computer. That might of cause it.

Q: Where to download WinRar?
To download WinRar go here (… ). I prefer downloading 32 bit just in case your computer is not compatible to 64bit. 

IF YOU DON’T WANT TO USE WINRAR, please download this one.


Q: 'I want it too...but it doesn't work on my computer...when I double click the "shimeji.exe" theres a dialog box saying its potentially unsafe file type of .exe.'
If you are trying to open the shimeji.exe file and you recieve an error message in Japanese, this should override that error.…

Q: "I have a quick question about making my own Shimeji.
When making these, my friend and I have been having a problem with transparency. When we make the images to replace the template and then transparent it, when it's mirrored to be facing the right (unlike the image in the img folder, which faces left), the transparency stops working and the image loses its color
If we leave the background color white or another color, it stays solid and then both the image and the mirrored work fine, except for the backgrounds of both not being transparent
Do you know how to fix this?"
If your program has a magic wand tool, go to whatever layer has the hair colour and use it with 0 tolerance outside the hair. invert selection and exterminate any pixels outside the outline. It seems shimeji doesn't have support for opacity/transparency so if there's even just 1% left of a pixel it'll show up in full force, so use pencil mode on your eraser.
A tip when colouring is also to use the magic wand tool inside the area to be coloured on the layer of the outline (and then change layer) and then use the extend option with 2 or 3 pixels, this should let you avoid ever getting pixel problems.

Q: .ZIP doesn't work. How'dya make 'em work? My computer/laptop hates .RAR. 
There are two methods.
If you downloaded the ZIP file and it doesn't work it's most likely because ZIP doesn't conserve the japanese file names for the XML files it needs to work with. So to get it to work you need to rename two files inside the CONF folder.
The one that's 43kb in size should be 動作 and the 10kb one should be 行動.
Get a working Shimeji. Copy all the files except "IMG". Meanwhile, on the non-working shimeji (.ZIP), Delete all files except "IMG" and paste the copied files. If it still doesn't work after you've done that, then I don't know what's wrong. D; Sorry.


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