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February 10, 2011
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Mother Gothel standard chibi by VickyViolet Mother Gothel standard chibi by VickyViolet
:bulletpink: Rapunzel: [link]
:bulletblack: more fanart: [link]

Mother Gothel! :heart: Such an amazing character! :XD:

Yeah, cuz I almost forgot I promised :iconchained-memories: I'd draw her. Not sure if I'll ever get to Flynn though. e_e

Had tons of fun with this one! Except the eye shadow. *^* That was a heavy usage of copic colorless blender. And I don't want to do it again.

Now, yeah, this would have been easier if I had just used copics for the difficult parts. But NU! o3o I don't want to. (As much as copics are amazing!~)

First of all, I've seen what it looks like when you use a little copic just for skin and fibra for the rest. *cough*~AkiAmeko*cough* And I don't particularly like it. It sticks out. The copic colored skin is obviously nicer looking than the coloring on everything else. And the imbalance kinda puts the rest of the piece down for that. :(

Second, the copics aren't mine. I shouldn't be using materials that aren't mine. (Actually, I didn't buy any materials I use except the gold/silver gel pens. So I don't really include much in the way of material costs for charging.) But the thing is, my media is cheap, and I like it that way. I like the idea of showing my talent without the use of expensive things backing me up. I guess I kinda grew up that way. ^^;

However, I might get just a copic colorless blender. Maybe. If the situation calls for it once again.


I hope this one looks good to ya'll! :)

CRITIQUE PLZ! Help me get better! ;)

Mother Gothel (c) Disney's Tangled

ALSO. I want an emoticon of this: [link]
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TwilightandAnimefan Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Wow...that is AMAZING... O.O
VickyViolet Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hee, thanks! :XD:
TwilightandAnimefan Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Np. :3
Eve-Francesca Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
I love the colors in this. Mother Gothel's eyes are so bright and pretty. Great drawing style, too! =D :love:
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