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About Digital Art / Hobbyist Victoria24/Female/United States Groups :iconrainytalestudio: RainytaleStudio
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Within by VickyViolet Within :iconvickyviolet:VickyViolet 13 2 FNAF the Sequels Set by VickyViolet FNAF the Sequels Set :iconvickyviolet:VickyViolet 24 4 hOI im Temmie by VickyViolet hOI im Temmie :iconvickyviolet:VickyViolet 65 10 M'Lady by VickyViolet M'Lady :iconvickyviolet:VickyViolet 18 3
COMIC SINS - Ch. 15 Ready
Chapter 15. Ready
The wind was howling.
Several layers buried in the snow, the skeleton's bony feet began to tremble. His bones rattled from bottom to top until the quaking was nearly audible.
"h-how..." The monster tried to breath, his voice shaking as much as his spine. " did this happen?" He finally asked in disbelief. Knee caps weak, he fell to the ground.
"You don't know?" The plant questioned. "Sans, you weren't there!" It exclaimed. Its face grew most sinister. "Hahaha, you took too long. You didn't show up to the corridor! They finally got past you and easily did away with the king. There's absolutely no stopping them now!"
"s-so..." Sans uttered, grasping the top of his skull in dismay. " that's it then?" Slouching, his cold bones sagged in denial.
"Golly, Sans!" The flower chanted. "It's not over! The human still has their soul!"
"what?" Sans begged. "what do you mean they…?"
The golden flower shook its head. "The human isn't finished! They still have
:iconvickyviolet:VickyViolet 3 3
Edgar kaomoji by VickyViolet Edgar kaomoji :iconvickyviolet:VickyViolet 13 0 Totality by VickyViolet Totality :iconvickyviolet:VickyViolet 17 8 BotW Zelda by VickyViolet BotW Zelda :iconvickyviolet:VickyViolet 43 0 Five Nights at Freddy's Set by VickyViolet Five Nights at Freddy's Set :iconvickyviolet:VickyViolet 35 2
COMIC SINS - Ch. 14 Warm
Chapter 14. Warm
There is a prophecy. The Angel. The one who has seen the surface… they will return. And the Underground will go empty.
Inside a homely, small town inn, the darkness spread itself thin. Heavy shadows surrounded the front windows, and the glass shook from the winter's raging winds. The front door did little to blot out the blistering cold, and the room fell even chiller. The atmosphere of the inn's lobby grew colder than it had ever been, and not only because of the air's dropping temperature.
The front desk became refuge to a white monster, whose clammy bones wrapped around themselves in regret.
Across from him leaning against the wall laid a small, human child. They too had curled up their body, trying to keep themselves warm beneath their ragged pajamas. The innocent one glared coldly at the monster just a few feet away, their steady gaze unblinking.
Closing his eye sockets, the room that was once deathly silent began to fill with a deep h
:iconvickyviolet:VickyViolet 5 3
EiS friendship by VickyViolet EiS friendship :iconvickyviolet:VickyViolet 7 0 Gravity Falls Set by VickyViolet Gravity Falls Set :iconvickyviolet:VickyViolet 33 7 Mario and Luigi by VickyViolet Mario and Luigi :iconvickyviolet:VickyViolet 38 3 Sneaky Link by VickyViolet Sneaky Link :iconvickyviolet:VickyViolet 62 14
COMIC SINS - Ch. 13 Sanity
Chapter 13. Sanity
On a chilly, winter morning, a small, golden flower bathed in the warm light. Turning its head, it peered up at a cozy home, the front decorated with welcoming lights and reefs. The entrance was adorned with violent, desperate scratches from a feral creature.
The tiny flower sunk itself into the ground, and arose to another destination. There, its roots grew closer to the brick house, and it raised its stem as to peer through a cloudy window.
Touching the glass with its soft petals, it flinched back from the bitter cold. The windows edges were foggy and painted with frost.
Looking inside, the little flower saw a large monster, fast in slumber. Just then, a beam of light poured inside, and high pitched tunes emitted from the trees. The monster rolled around at this, and pushed himself from his mattress.
The yellow flower watched the walking skeleton intently. He turned his skull and the two made eye contact. The tiny creature beamed with joy, having caught the
:iconvickyviolet:VickyViolet 8 6
Ashwicket by VickyViolet Ashwicket :iconvickyviolet:VickyViolet 7 0

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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Tumblr Icon by poserfan Vicky's Tumblr .:Bullet:. Patreon by FreakyEd Vicky's Patreon :damphyr: Vicky's Art Studio


:bulletpurple: 24 / Female / Idaho / Mormon ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
:bulletblack: Artist / Cartoonist / Cosplayer / Writer / Gamer / Cheeky Scrub
:bulletpurple: July 16 / Cancer / Rooster
:bulletblack: Demi-Heterosexual / Flaming Biromantic

:bulletpurple: Myer's Briggs: INFP - Mediator
:bulletblack: Favorite Pokemon: Jumpluff and Wooper
:bulletpurple: Undertale Soul Color: Yellow / Justice
:bulletblack: Favorite Mabel Sweater: Sweater sweater
:bulletpurple: Psychonauts PSI Power: Levitation
:bulletblack: Inside Out Emotion: Anger
:bulletpurple: Pony Race: Pegasus
:bulletblack: Triforce Piece: Wisdom
:bulletpurple: Avatar Nation: Air
:bulletblack: Soul Eater class: Meister
:bulletpurple: Hogwarts House: Gryffindor
:bulletblack: Ilvermorny House: Thunderbird

Some of My Art
Vicky has a Patreon! by VickyViolet Vicky has a Tumblr! by VickyViolet EiS - Friends by VickyViolet
Demitri Chibi by VickyViolet Name Chibi by VickyViolet Neil Chibi by VickyViolet Dante's Mask vector by VickyViolet
Vicky Violet by Suiish Vicky Violet..again by Suiish My Valentines by BornATiger-chan Cheers to Christmas by ChiyoriKiri Vicky Violet by JenovaProduction Collab Comic Panel 5 by AkiAmeko Aki + Haru Chibis by AkiAmeko Sweet Young Things by AkiAmeko Do Not Want by silver-dragonetsu Charms Preview #1 by silver-dragonetsu WtN R1: Cold War - Pg 01 by SuperferretIX WtN R1: Cold War - Pg 02 by SuperferretIX WtN R1: Cold War - Pg 03 by SuperferretIX WtN R1: Cold War - Pg 04 by SuperferretIX WtN R1: Cold War - Pg 05 by SuperferretIX .:muahahaha-:. by bu-tterswiiet Jamie Icon by CandiFlossFox Jamie Spades sprite by CaptainQuestion EiS Character Sprites by CaptainQuestion Happy Birthday VickyViolet! by RedpandaQueen08 Everything is Spiders - Anita by NyQuilDreamer Sketch Request - VickyViolet by CantateDomino 100 Watchers Sketch Requests by CaptainQuestion
Fanart for me FROM FRIENDS!
Princess Tutu by AkiAmeko All My Possessions by silver-dragonetsu G-Bean by Katie-May-sews-stuff markiplier Colored by YukiKatsumi early birthday present for vicky violet by kami892

Favourite genre of music: Dubstep, Dancestep, Electronic, EDM, Rock, Metal, Classical, Video Game

Favorite Quotes:
"Sometimes isolation is a good thing. It can lead to... important discoveries." - Agent Nein

"My family has this problem with water. It's a bunch a hooey anyway. Some old gypsy curse about how we're all supposed to die in water... if you can believe that..." - Razputin Aquato

:iconthetriforceplz: :iconstopthankingme1plz::iconstopthankingme2plz: :iconthetriforceplz:
Fluttershy mouseover by DeathPwny Vinyl Spnning on Vinyl by EROCKERTORRES Sweetie Scootin' Animation by vivagray Equestria Girls - Fluttershy powered up by Botchan-MLP Cheese Sandwich playing accordion by Botchan-MLP Levitation by Pavlovs-Walrus Circus Baby Page Doll by Rile-Reptile Princess Tutu by staticwind Howl by staticwind Midna by Veni-Mortem Jontron titlecard - Foodfight by Frario Waving Jontron 2 by Frario Princess Peach by Seikoru Custom ML:BIS Admiral Bobbery (Idle Animation) by NerdsRI Rosalina spin by Frario Hungry Luma (Mario Galaxy) by Frario Papyrus 1 by That-Cake Temmie 1 by That-Cake Goat MoM (Undertale) by KyubeyGirl Undertale - Lesser Dog by ucantw1n Undertale - Muffet by ucantw1n Undertale - Skeleton Date by ucantw1n v Undertale - Slumber Party by ucantw1n Napstablook by Rue-Willings FanArt - Sans and Frisk PageDoll by neko-kumicho-chan Markiplier Sprite Animation test by CaptainQuestion A lawyer and a clairvoyant by CaptainQuestion Steven Universe Wanted sprites by CaptainQuestion The Mayor of New Donk City by CaptainQuestion Skyward Sword: Pixel chibi Link and Zelda by Zelbunnii i'm fabulous~ by narcio Zelda OoT: Link by Seikoru [COM] for SiLink by PrinceOfRedroses [Free] Zelda Item Icon set by RevPixy

:bulletred: You are not authorized to use my art without my permission.
  • Listening to: Undertale OST
  • Reading: Ouran Highschool Host Club
  • Watching: Rick and Morty
  • Playing: VVVVVV
Halloween Raffle and Advent Discounts by silver-dragonetsu

My good friend :iconsilver-dragonetsu: is hosting a commission raffle! Anyone can join in, and it's a great way to order a commission from her at a discount!! (Also ya'll should just be watching her anyway cuz....... her art is really good.)

((I mean, look at this. Oooooh, so shiny~~))
Ari Comm - The Last Unicorn by silver-dragonetsu  Movie Night by silver-dragonetsu  Shell Diving by silver-dragonetsu  Coden - New devotia by silver-dragonetsu  Bartering by silver-dragonetsu  April Showers by silver-dragonetsu  Pokemon Trainer Coden! by silver-dragonetsu  Lost And Found by silver-dragonetsu  Alliechan charms by silver-dragonetsu


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